Competency 29 Assessments in Science Learning

authentic assessment

  • to teach and look or check for understanding
  • allows for teachers to assess student learning in an on-going manner

what type of assessment is this?

diagnostic assessment

  • used prior to teaching
  • provides the teacher with information about what students already know
  • example would be to have students create a concept map of what they know about the solar system

what type of assessment is this?

formative assessment

  • collects data on student learning during a lesson
  • can be formal or informal
  • can be done during the unit

what type of assessment is this?

summative assessments

  • done after instruction
  • includes presentations, models, projects, portfolios, concept maps
  • end of unit assessment

what type of assessment is this?

formative assessments

  • experience charts
  • lab journals
  • concept maps
  • observation checklists
  • student conferences

are examples of…

lab journals

  • used to descrive science experiences
  • students can record data, respond to questions, and explain lab findings
  • a type of formative assessment

observation checklists

  • used to find out how well students are performing during science activities
  • can be done informally
  • used as a checklist to profile the process skills or content knowledge the student has demonstrated

concept maps

  • can be used as a diagnostic, formative, or summative assessment
  • gives studetns a visual way of demonstrating what they know

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