Competency 26 Impact on Daily Life and Environment

daily activities that affect the environment

  • using electricity
  • drinking water
  • eating food
  • driving a car
  • using packaged products are all…

  • tobacco
  • addictive drugs
  • excessive amounts of alcohol

good health depends on the avoidance of…
environmental issues that negatively impact good health

  • lead, pesticides, chemicals, radioactive substances
  • air, water, land pollutants
  • stress of living in crowded urban, social and work conditions
  • bacteria, viruses, animal parasites, fungi

biotic community
the plants, animals, and other living organisms in the ecosystem are classified to be a…
rainforests, deserts, ponds, coral reefs are all examples of an…
renewable resources
resources that can be replaced such as trees are known as…
nonrenewable resources

  • resources that cannot be replace and are gone forever
  • examples include fossil fuels, natural gas, coal, petroleum

coal, natural gas, petroleum
name 3 types of of fossil fuels
fossil fuels

  • sources of energy that is depleted quickly
  • inexpensive to manufacture/use
  • used to produce electricity
  • takes a long time to form
  • buring it causes pollution

what is this?

inexhaustible resources

  • a type of resource that can be used over and over
  • examples include wind, ocean waves, biomass, geothermal, water, solar

geothermal energy

  • earth’s internal heart
  • hot water and steam coming out of the ground (geysers)
  • used to heat homes/produce energy
  • used in California

disadvantage: only in areas where the earth’s heat rises to the surface

the potential energy of water trapped behind dams is called…

  • corn/other grains used with gas to run cars
  • use plant matter/animal waste to form fuel
  • minimum environmental impact
  • expensive and difficult to produce

disadvantage:carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases is created which is harmful to the environment


  • an inexhaustible resource
  • expensive to produce
  • use with sun to produce energy


  • have turbines that rotate blades to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy
  • almost no polution is produced

disadvantage: loud noise, need lots of land, some birds can get killed by the turbine’s propellers

reduce, reuse, and recycle
3 ways to conserve resources would be to…
abiotic factors
the temperature, light, water, and soil in the ecosystem are considered…

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