Competency 17 Probability and Statistics


# of favorable outcomes

total # of possible outcomes


is a formula that can be used to find this…

the number that occurs or appears the most is called the…
The middle value of all numbers when put in order from least to greatest is called the…
The distance between the highest and the lost number is the…
When finding the average by adding all the addends then diving the sum by the number of addends will give you the…
Tally Chart
a quick way of counting how many are in each category
Line Plot
_____________ shows data on a number line
Line Graph

  • shows change over time
  • uses points and lines
  • usually a time period
  • the steepest art shows the greatest change

What type of graph is this?

A graph that uses pictures to show and compare information
Bar Graph

  • Used to compare facts about groups
  • shows single subject
  • can also show similar kinds of data

What type of graph is this?

Pie Graph

  • shows data a a whole with different parts
  • it is the shape of a circle


  • the relationship between two sets of data
  • used to see how close to a straight line the points will lie


Tree Diagram

This type of diagram shows an organized list of all possible outcomes



If Ralph has 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts, how many possible outfits can he make?


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