Competency 11 Viewing and Representing

This media is used to:
  • entertain the audience
  • includes film, music, clothing designers, graphic artists, web designer, cartoonist, and photographers
This type of media:
  • gives a detailed report
  • includes journalist, documentary makers, marketing coordinator, news photographer
This type of media is intended to influence the audience’s way of thinking.

It includes advertising agents, political cartoonists, editorial journalists, and special interest groups

This type of media gives an explanation or directions to inform

It includes textbooks, illustrators, map makers, charts, diagrams, and storyboards

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  1. Print
  2. Visual
  3. Audio
  4. Electronic
Name the 4 types of media
interpret, analyze, and evaluate media
  • content
  • format
  • external factors
  • accuracy and
  • bias

are all identifying features used to…

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