Colonization of America

Man’s justification before God
“Justification by faith alone”
Words that changed Martin Luther’s life

and course of history

Dark Ages
a period of time of nearly a thousand

years of spiritual darkness fell across


Roman Catholic
religion that controlled Western Europe during the Dark Ages
As one __________ after another

against the Moslems failed, people

began to distrust the popes

and lose faith in Roman Catholicism.

reawakening of learning and knowledge
Old traditions of Roman Catholicism were

__________ and tested during the Renaissance.

John Gutenburg

printed this first on a movable-type printing press

The invention of the printing press made ___

available to the common person

reading and writing
The moral wickedness of the Renaissance

laid fertile ground for the _____________

During the 1500’s Christian leaders attempted to restore a ___________ lifestyle
I Corinthians 10:33
Even as I please all men in all things, not seking mine own profit but the profit of many, that they

may be saved.

Christians who were dissatisfied with many of the Roman Catholic teachings and leaders
Reformers wanted to reestablish the Bible


the only authority for any religious teaching and practice
Two reformers who were important in the developement of North American culture
Martin Luther and John Calvin
Scripture that Martin Luther used

that justifies man before God by


Romans 1 17
Roman Catholic leaders sold


this supposedly granted people forgiveness of sin
Dr. Luther nailed to the door of the Castle Church
ninety-five Theses

that upheld what the Bible says

about the forgiveness of sin

Dr. Luther’s followers
Why did John Calvin take refuge
Where did John Calvin take refuge?
Basel, Switzerland
What book did John Calvin write?
Institutes of the Christian Religion 
John Calvin stated
man was created

“to honor and glorify the sovereign God and to enjoy Him forever.”

The teachings of John Calvin had a great influence

on American history because:

They helped mold the character of many men

who made American history.

Christians in France
Huguenots established a colony
in Florida before the

St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

More than 10,000 Huguenots
Where killed in a massacre that lasted six weeks

and sent survivors fleeing to other countries, including the New World.

“Father of New France”
Samuel de Champlain
The first patent
Sir Humprey Gilbert by

the Queen of England

First permanent English settlement

in North America

Sir Walter Raleigh
sponsored several expeditions to Roanoke Island
London Company merchants
established a

communistic economic system

to make a profit

free enterprise
opposite of communism
John Smith
stopped the communistic system in Jamestown
Two important principles of success

  1. ownership of property and business
  2. the right to make a profit
Jamestown success:

  1.  colonists began raising a profitable crop
  2. colony became a community when families came
  3. London Company changed its land policy
  4. London Company gave each colonist a greater voice in the local government
Virginia House of Burgesses
was the first self-governing assembly

in America

left the Church of England
sought to purify the Church of England

from within

Mayflower Compact
first written agreement for self-government of America
William Bradford
Plymouth Colony’s second governor

after John Carver died

1623 new land policy
instituted private ownership of property


individual responsibility for the development of that property

Plymouth colony laid the foundation for:
free enterprise


Free-enterprise system
Biblical because rewards, as well as

responsibilities, are given

on an individual basis

New Netherland
parts of present-day New York, New Jersey, and


How did many Puritans come to America?
in a business enterprise for the Massachusetts Bay Company
followers of Martin Luther
Christians in France
first written agreement for self-government in America
Mayflower Compact
Christians who had grown dissatisfied with Roman Catholic teachings
Christians who wanted to purify the Church of England from within
Christians who left the Church of England
first self-governing assembly in America
Virginia House of Burgesses
founder of Hartford, Connecticut
Thomas Hooker
leader of Quakers who founded Pennsylvania
William Pen
founder of Rhode Island
Roger Williams
“Father of Massachusetts”
John Winthrop
received first patent from Queen of England
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
dropped the communistic system in Jamestown
John Smith
second governor of Plymouth Colony
William Bradford

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