Admissions Office
handles admissions prsocedure for college student enrolling in classes.
a test required or accepted at all public and many private universities in Kentucky.  Assement includes four sections:math, reading, english and science.
reasoning test stadardized for college admissions in United States.
Standadized Apptitude Test
selective admissions
policy of admitting ,well qualified applicants based on HS grades, admissions test scores, and additional personal information in the form of refrences and letters of reccomendation.
developmenatal courses
College Level Examination Program offers tests for subjects often taken during the first two years of college years.
college catalog
college publication describing academic prgrams, student services, general regulations, requirements and procedure.
process of documenting usually in measurable terms, knowledge skills, attitudes and beliefs
course introducing a new situation or enviroment
Advising Center
Core Cirriculum
a course students can select from among alternatives
Course load
the number of course credit hours take. 12 minimum to be considered full time
to move from one place to another.ex. to transfer from University of Louisville to JCTC
the act or process of entering information about something in a book or systme of public records
course number
a number that identifies a specific course within each subject. ex CMS 185
procedure by which you may change your class scheduleby dropping/adding course(s) without penalty
to pull back or move away from
academic calender
an inventory of courses taken and grades earned in those courses.
grade point average:measurements of students academic achievement
total quanity points
registars office
first year undergraduate
second year undergraduate
third year undergraduate
undergraduate student the year of graduate school
office of residential housing
tuition and fees
charges levied for enrolling in classes and for the use of college facilities
financial aid
administers student financial aid program in compliance with applicable law regulations and policies
Busars office
cashiers office
sudden removal of a person or group from organizations or a place
Associates Degree
up to a three year program in applied sciences or applied terchnology in tech majors meant to lead directly to a job
Bachelors Degree
a program lasting 4-5 years including general education, a major and electives leading to degrees like a Bachelors of Art or Bachelors if Science in the natural sciences or professional/technical fields
certificate program
programs that offer short-term training in a wide variety of areas
someone who gives advice about problems, decisions of course of action
course description
a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own.
minimum requirements for enrolling in a course
an outline and summary of topics to be covered in an education or training course

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