Cognitive Skills-attention/memory

to understand words and concepts
divided attention
to attend to and handle two or more tasks at one time, such as taking notes while listening. required for handling tasks quickly with complexity
executive functioning
a constellation of several complex, inter-related, mental operations or constructs, including the allocation of attentional resources, working memory, planning, problem solving, response inhibition, self-monitoring, maintenance of mental sets
logic and reasoning
to reason, plan and think
long-term memory
to store information and fluently retrieve is later in the process of thinking
math computations
to do math calculations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
processing speed
the speed at which the brain processes information. Makes reading faster and less tiring, makes one more aware of his or her surrounding environment, helps with sports
Saccadic Fixation
to move the eyes accurately and quickly from one point to another
selective attention
to stay on task even when action is present
sensory-motor integration
to have sensory skills work well with motor skills, for example, eye-hand coordination
sequential processing
to process chunks of info that are received once after the other
short-term memory
ability to apprehend and hold info in immediate awareness and use it with a few seconds
simultaneous processing
to process chunks of info that are received all at once
sustained attention
to be able to stay on task

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