Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Definition of CBT
~Combines cognitive and behavioral principles in short-term treatment model
CBT attributes
1: collaborative relationship between client and therapist
2: psychological distress is a large problem
3: focus on changing cognitions to produce change in behavior
4: usually a time limited treatment focus(educational)
Most basic assumption of REBT
Rational Emotive behavioral therapy: is that people contribute to their own psych problems, symptoms by the way they interpret events and situations
More assumptions of REBT
Cognitions, emotions, and behaviors interact and have a cause and effect relationship
General aim of REBT
Provide clients with tools to restructure their philosophical and behavioral styles.
~Need to identify irrational belieft
Goals of REBT
~replace ineffective ways of thinking with effective and rational cognition in order to change their emotional reactions to situations
View of Human nature
~people have the potential for both rational and irrational thinking.
~Accepted notion that humans will continue to make mistakes but REBT helps them learn to be at peace with themselves after mistakes.

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