Christmas Carol Vocab.

1. submerge in liquid
2. enthusiastically involved

1. I immerse Santa in acid every year because he never gives me the presents I want.
2. I immerse myself into learning the ancient language of “Ou Re Ou”.

a state of being dirty and unpleasant

I was in squalor after Santa gave me coal in my stocking for dipping him in acid.

to take the position or role of something of someone

Santa has been displaced by Mrs. Claus because he was stalking billions of children at once.


“See this fist? This fist is about to be in very close proximity to your FACE if you don’t watch out.”

poor, needy

Santa has become an indigent man due to his displacement at the North Pole.

cruel acts

The flowers experienced many atrocities when the weeds intervened on their personal flower bed, which led to the great Pansy-Dandelion war.

associated with something else

Knives are usually synonymous of deaths of various types of fruits.

lack of interest

Mario’s apathy in Princess Peach was apparent when he declared his love for Donkey Kong.


Santa was dismal when he found out he had eaten an actual reindeer instead of the giant cookies Mrs. Claus had made for him.

feeling or showing anger

The Easter Bunny indignantly threw Easter Eggs at the small, innocent child who was allergic to them.

without the basic necessities of life

The destitute Goldy Locks tried to break into the Bears’ house to eat some porridge.

unable to be explained

Santa’s habit of stalking children worldwide is very inexplicable.

unwilling to believe something

The teacher was incredulous when the obnoxious and antisocial student blasted a song with extremely explicit lyrics during detention.

continous, without pause

A lot of mythical creatures have incessant habits of breaking into the homes of small children and jumping into books.

well meaning, kindness

Santa is sometimes known for his benevolence to children. SOMETIMES.

obtaining with care and effort

The unicorn procured its rider to fight in the good vs. evil war.


Santa’s explanation for breaking into houses through the chimney and stalking the little children was incoherent due to too many cookies.

the action or process of intervening; interference to improve a situation or matter.

The unicorn intervention of the pegasus convention led to stopping evil Sir Pegasi from ruling the world.

fear something bad has happened

Sandy was apprehensive when she heard a someone screaming, ‘THERE’S A WALRUS IN MY BATHTUB!’

comfort received from another after disappointment or loss.

The real porcupine wasn’t any consolation to the girl getting her ears pierced, for when she tried to hug it, it put a quill in her eye.

showing lack of courage or comfort.

The girl timidly hid behind Santa’s sleigh because she had just seen Santa eating his reindeer.

provide shelter for and wishes and/or needs of

The poison ivy tree tried to accommodate all of the homeless squirrels in the winter.

present, appearing, or found everywhere

evil Sir Pegasi was ubiquitous, and the unicorns could not defeat him.

done by all things in the world or by a large group

Their unanimous decision was almost universal – they had to decapitate the king immediately.

remaining the same, unchanged

The old man’s beliefs that growing animals was a crime were unaltered as the times changed and his neighbor grew a dog in his vegetable patch.

a deep or seeming bottomless pit

The little girl pushed Santa into the abyss because she wanted to see if he could fly with the power of magic without his amazing reindeer.

very great or intense, very severe

The idea that the Easter Bunny actually lays all of the eggs you find around the house on Easter is quite profound.

having the necessary skill, knowledge, or ability to do something

The Mrs. Claus was competent in sewing, and fixing up rips and tears Santa’s suit was no problem.

evoke or draw out from someone in reaction to ones own actions or questions

The lawyer elicited the witness into admitting that he saw unicorns and aliens robbing the bank.

greatly dismay or horrify

I was appalled by the fact that my dad was going to be a princess for Christmas.

display in order to provoke envy

I was flaunting my new Dora the Explorerâ„¢ shoes at Winnie the Pooh because he was my eternal nemesis.

abandon a harsh intention or cruel treatment, become less severe or intense.

After days of torture, the Tooth Fairy finally relents and ties my tooth to the door so when she will shut it, my tooth will come out.

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