Childrens Literature

Realistic fiction
refers to stories that could indeed happen to people
events are exaggerated or outlandish, but definately possible
sometimes in realistic fiction
contemporary realism
is a term used to describe stories that take place in the present time and portray attitudes and mosres of the present culture
set stories in the past or the recent past
authors of contemporary realistic fiction
no longer describe todays world, but are still realistic fiction
older stories
considered modern classics
older realistic fiction
should permit some cause for optimism
realistic fiction
may not be its logical outcome
the moral must not overwhelm the story
A novel of realistic fiction
must be believable, and the events must be possible, even though all aspects may be probable
often centers around topics that are found in realistic fiction novels
Controversy involving children’s books
an aspect of writing style that students greatly appreciate
realistic fiction is favorite genre
intermediate students report
morality and manners to young readers
The earliest realistic fiction stories were didatic ones that were intended to teach
Harriet the Spy by Lois Fitzhugh in 1964
A new era in fiction for children was ushered in with the pubilication of
continued in children’s books in the 1970s and 1980s and still prevails today
A trend toward a more graphic and explicitly truthful portrayl of life and inclusion of many topics previously considered taboo
death, divorce, drugs, alcoholism, and disabilities
What are controversial topics that became permissable in children’s books
new realism books
are more real and truthful
Censorship of children literature
became rampant in part because of the trend toward more graphic and explicit writing in children’s books
becomes the primary conflict in some stories
the difficulty chilren and adults encounter in adjusting to these new family situations
individuals with special challenges
Authors of children’s books are becoming increasingly sensitive to the need for positive portrayals of
a group extending beyond the family
coming of age stories
from birth to age 10 most children’s lives revolve around the preteen and teen years a shift toward self-discovery and independence occurs
rite of passage
refers to an event in one’s life that signals a change from child to adult

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