Childhood Development/Characteristics

4 areas of development
  • physical
  • emotional
  • cognitive
  • social


refers to changes in the body (gaining strength, growth)
Cognitive Development
refers to the mental process to gain knowledge
Language (under cognitive) Development

(verbal comprehension)

corresponds to the intellect

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Social Development
involves learning to relate to others eg:role playing allows children to try out a variety of roles. they learn how to get along with others (Refer to Dramatic Play Themes and Props listing
Emotional Development

involves identifying feelings and expresssion of feelings

eg: providing a positive atmosphere for positive mental health. Respond with positive statements rather than neg.

Infant expresses 2 basic ways 1-Delight by cooing and

2-Discomfort by crying

three reliable indicators that an infant is growing
  • weight gain
  • height increase
  • head growth

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